13. August 2018
Be happy everyday. Use these 5 easy, yet powerful tools to feel happier, optimistic and more positive anytime anywhere.

05. August 2018
We all want to feel joyful and be in the good mood; regardless of what is happening in our life! Smiling more often can definitely brighten our day, but also positively influence our health, too. Why should we smile more often? What are its benefits on our physical and mental health? How often should we smile? 9 Proven tools to make us smile more often!

08. July 2018
As Tony Robbins describes: Physiology comes first! I usually think myself into feeling happy and satisfied. However, sometimes my brain just won’t work with me despite the efforts and I fail to be in a good mood. Lately, I explored the ways to use my physique, instead to instantly boost my mood!

11. May 2018
As we are getting ready for summer, The Life Crackers and Diet Bet are launching weigh loss project where over the course of 4 weeks we will prepare you to walk away healthier and richer (http://dbet.me/lcrackers). In our first article we will introduce the basic rules of the law of attraction: we can get what we want and acquire results quickly. The rules we are about to present you are true for everything you could ever want to achieve!

07. February 2018
​Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, but your mind is full of ideas and wishes for the future? Learn these easy techniques to get what you really want easier and faster!

06. February 2018
The key to happiness is not your material possessions but your relationships as discovered by the Harvard study. The happiest people are the ones who have built meaningful relationships with people around them. Whether it is in a new city or your hometown, it is not that difficult to meet new people. Here are proven ways to meet new people and make friends easily!

01. February 2018
Speaking more than one language is widely considered to be an advantage, and a valuable skills, but it’s not always an easy task to accomplish. Follow these tips to learn new languages more easily.