We are Alex and Mili

Two doctors of economics applying knowledge beyond science to decode happiness!

As life-long learners, we were committed to researching and educating ourselves, with a clear goal of putting our knowledge in practice. We were looking into the scientific teachings combined with practiced methods to advance our personal and professional skills. Throughout this process of self-development, we explored many different strategies and techniques. As a result of this process, we have identified the effective tools and techniques that gave us the most successful results and tremendously improved  our lives; and people around us! We took power into our hands and created the happiness and success we wanted to! And we further to continue to improve more and share effective tools that bring the lasting results! 


TheLifeCrackers.com is a happy place of motivation, inspiration and know-how that you need to fulfil your potentials.


I am a communicator, educator, traveler and above all an optimist!


More about Alex and her work


Education and profession


I  completed my Doctorate in Economics with focus on Strategic Management Communications, holding two master degrees in: International business and International relations. 


I gained my professional experience within international organizations and private consultancies, developing my project management and communications expertise.




Life experience

 I traveled to more than 30 countries, lived in 5 of them, and learned 5 languages, met love of my life, worked in international setting, made great social and professional relationships, quit unhealthy habits and learned to live happy and grateful life!



I am absolutely fascinated with the potential of human mind and believes that everybody is capable of achieving amazing things, given the right methods!

Life cracking expertise



Effective communications, learning new skills, quitting bad habits, adopting new habits, love coaching, networking, relaxing 

  •  Certified Life Coach
  •  NLP Practitioner
  • Ho'oponopono Practitioner
  • Sedona Method Practitioner 
  • EFT Practitioner


I am a doer, explorer, animal lover and an enthusiast! 



Education and profession

I am a PhD of Economics and a holder of Project Management Professional Certification. 


For the past ten years I have been working as a polymath, a professional problem solver, on multi-million projects across the Globe in several different languages for Fortune 500 companies. During my career I have been repeatedly recognized and awarded for my achievements. 



Life experience

Although i did spend most of my adult life working, I did get to have some fun. Thanks to my career I got to live in several countries and travel most of them. I got to experiment with myself and others and understand what is it that truly matters to me, where are the limits (nowhere!! and don't be ever fooled into believing otherwise!) and what do I want. 





I like running because it's a mind sport. I love animals more then people - especially my dog Merv. Finally, I love problem solving - and made a career out of it!


Life cracking expertise



Fixing things! I specialise in problem solving - all problems have a common way of being solved. Tell me what is bothering you I will give you a way to fix it! I can also give you encouragement, motivation and teach you how to be determined to get it done!