Why you should always SMILE?

We all want to feel joyful and be in the good mood; regardless of what is happening in our life!


If we are not in a good mood, none of our possessions matters! Also, what is the point of our lives if we do not feel physically and mentally good!

Smiling more often can definitely brighten our day, but also positively influence our health, too.


Smile is always associated with enjoyment and happiness.


When we smile we release serotonin, which is neurotransmitter that makes us feel good. The serotonin is a happiness hormone, which signals that something good is happening in our bodies.

When we smile, we do not just feel happier, but also calmer and more likable, too!


Key benefits of smiling on physical and mental health


-          According to University of Kansas study smile helps in reducing stress and lowering heart rate. The participants in the study who smiled or even pretended to smile had lower heart levels after recovery from the stressful happenings. Next time you are experiencing stress, just make a smile face to positively influence not just your mood but also your physical health.


-           Also in another study , it is shown that smiling and laughing boosts our immune system.  Laughter releases serotonin and endorphins; which are responsible for happiness. Research suggests that they boost the immune system and release toxins from our bodies. Also, people who are joyful are less ill, too and the ones who laugh a lot have better digestion, too.



The same effect is whether we are pretending to laugh or smile or not, the effect on our mental and physical health is the same.


People who smile feel happier!

Smile can help you lift up the mood, even if it is forced one.



Due to the embodied cognition., a smile sends signals to your brain that something good is happening.  A smile is an indication to the brains that there is humor or joy coming up and our brain reacts to that that by making matching feeling in our bodies. That way we feel better and happier!

Also, the more you smile, the more you lift up your mood, the more your start thinking positive thoughts, because your brain rewires to positive mindsets and starts to create positive thinking patterns.


Smile can brighten the world!


People who are smiled at feel happier, too. It is hard not to smile to the smiling person, because smile is contagious. The more you smile to others, the more they smile to you. In fact, 50% of people smile back.  Researchers from Uppsala University indicated that frowning to somebody who is smiling is very difficult.  So imagine everybody smiling at your home, office and creating the positive atmosphere. It can all start with just one smile, your smile!

Smiling people are likable, attractive and younger!

People who are smiling are considered to be friendly, likable and even more competent, as suggested by study from Penn State University. So, next time when you go to a business meeting, make sure you smile! Also a smile lifts the face and studies have proved that a smile makes people look 3 years younger on average. Smile is an attraction factor, as it makes us more approachable and more attractive too.


How often should we smile and how to do that?


We often hear the claim that children smile much more than adults. A child laughs more than 300 times a day, while the adults smile less than 20 times a day, compared to an average 40 year old person who smiles only 4 times per day.

Experiment done by Dr Robert Holden known as “happiness psychologist” shows that we can change level of our happiness just by more smiling and laughing. His patients reported to feel happier after a month of smiling and laughing more frequently. Dr Holden suggests we smile or laugh for at least 20 minutes a day. Also, if we smile 40 times a day, we increase level of happiness and dissolve depression.


Laugh for at least 20 minutes a day. Smile 40 times per day.


Use these 9 proven methods to smile more often and instantly boost your mood:


1.     Smile in the morning- spend just 60 seconds making a beautiful grin.  It will start momentum! After just one minute of an even forced smile, you will feel happier, triggering more positive and happier thoughts, which will make you feel better during the day. And what a great way to start the day!J


2.     Think of somebody you love- Our thoughts influence our facial expressions and attitudes. If you think of a person you love and the one who loves you back, right now approaching you, you will create a pleasant feeling and making the internal smile. It will lift up your mood and people around you will notice it, too. As suggested by NLP research, the internal smile will make you more attractive and approachable; at least it is how the other people will think of you.  


3.       Smile at yourself using mirror- Smile is so powerful even when we are smiling to ourselves.Dr. Ritzo recommends smiling at yourself in the mirror as it triggers our mirror neurons, which can help us calm down and re-center if we are feel anxious and definitely boost our mood!


4.       Smile to strangers- It creates a smiling constructive circle! By making a beautiful grin, you will feel better and other people feel better, too and then you feel better again! Smile contagious and we tend to mirror the people’s facial expressions! Many people will smile back to you and create positive environment. On top of it, you will appear friendly, likable and even more competent!


5.       Place smiley reminders everywhere - NLP professional McKenna suggests placing many reminders on different places around your office and in your house, to help you remember to smile many times during the day. You can place red dots or post-it with a smiley face. So every time you see it, you have to smile!


6.       Place positive images that make you smile- Photos of your loved ones, photos of people smiling; pictures of fun vacations, birthday cards, your rewards and achievements; Place just about anything that will instantly put a smile on your face with a simple eye movement!


7.       Laughter yoga- It is a type of yoga that includes laughter into the body and mind exercises. The laughter yoga is a fun way to smile and laugh more during the day by just applying simple exercises. There a lot of fun videos that you can find on the internet.


8.       Think of the time you were extremely happy, joyful- Sit back with your eyes closed and relax. Picture a big screen in front of you and start playing your favorite movie: the vacation you took, the night with your besties, beautiful date, or the time something funny happened. Once you see in your mind the event with your eyes closed, start to feel the feelings that you were experiencing at the time of the event, smell the smalls, see the colors vividly. Hold those images and feelings. The more you think about the more it will put you in the same happy mood


9.       Play your favorite shows- I love watching Friends, How I met your mother, Two and a half men, Modern Family because every time I see any of these episodes, I am laughing so hard, which definitely brightens my mood!


What methods do you use to smile more often?



This method is part of the original article 8 Secrets to using your body to instantly boost your mood,  featured in Thrive Global and endorsed by Arianna Huffington:


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