6 things you must do to set yourself up for weight loss success!

Summer is around the corner !


Having perfect summer body is more than dieting, weight loss programs or exercising. 


With the practical mindful tips and using Law of Attraction you can win the game of having the perfect summer body before you know it!


Following the basic, we can get the bodies we want and achieve results quickly.






1. Be aware of your Wishes and Reasons
Before you choose any diet or weight loss program, it is essential to look into yourself and decide what is it that you are really after!

When it comes to weight loss, most people are convinced that they know what they want and often state:

I want to lose weight,

I don’t want to be fat!

I want to look good, sexy, skinny!

I want to have a fantastic body!


And all those are valid desires!


However, it is important to go one step further and define:


WHY do you want that?


Hint: We want things in our lives because we believe that they will make us happy.


If you don’t know what would make you happy or what would make a significant difference for you right now, then, whatever happens, you will find satisfactory. As that is not the case, and you probably don’t see everything to be positive for you, it is essential to define it more precisely.

Weight loss is just the top of the iceberg!

Think what is below the surface and what is THE GOAL that you hope to achieve that will make you feel ecstatic!

Below the desire to lose weight lie our deeper desires:

When I lose weight, I will be more confident

When I lose X amount, I will be beautiful, and people will accept me

I will find the love of my life when I have X kg.

My family, friends or coworkers will appreciate me more when I have a killer body.

I will find a better job.

I will be healthier.

I will be positive every day if I have X kg/lbs

To achieve your ideal body, it is important to be truthful with yourself and really think what is essential to change or achieve based on your desires.


What will that perfect weight bring into your life?


Once you defined your weight loss goals, make sure you connect and incorporate them into other areas of your life!

Because if you don’t, you will end up losing weight, which is excellent news, however without the change that you secretly hoped for. More importantly, the weight loss goal then will not be able to add to your lasting happiness.

That’s why, be aware of your wishes, which are interconnected with weight loss-plan to see and feel the change in your life really!


2. Positivism is the key!


Setting your goals in a positive perspective is essential!


Most of us state:

I don’t want to be fat anymore

I don’t want to look like this or have X amount of kilograms.

The first step towards making our wishes true is defining our pain- things that we don’t want!

Then, we need to give attention to the things we want to achieve, for the Law of Attraction to act to our benefit.

Therefore, define your goals from the positive perspective:

I want to look like this (fill out your wish here)

I want to have X amount of kilograms.


Secondly, some people just state I want to lose weight.

With this statement, you are focusing on something that has a current negative association — your weight. Also, you are focusing on losing instead of gaining something in your life.


To reverse this, formulate a goal with the positive intention and focusing on the ideal state.


Imagine right now that somebody gave you the magic stick and you get to choose your ideal shape and body. So visualize yourself having ideal body and what it provides you with your feelings, desires and define those.


Here are some examples:

I have a fit body.

I have X amount of kg/lbs.

I feel healthy every day.

I am wearing size S.


The winning formula is to focus on something you want, not what you don’t wish to; using positive associations!


3. Be specific


When you decide what you want, be precise about it.


The reason people don’t achieve what they want, is because they do not specify their goals. To get what you want, it is essential to list all the details that are important for you.

When you formulate and visualize your ideal body and shape; specify it more and more!

Describing your goal in as many details as possible helps you have the clear picture of your ideal body!


Example: I have a fit, healthy body.

Specify how each of your ideal body part looks like:

  • You can picture your ideal self in a mirror and then specify:
  • When I look my ideal self in a mirror, I see my ideal arms, ideal legs, face, etc

Specify your feelings too:

  • In my ideal body, I feel …..

Specify your actions: Having my ideal body…

  • I wear these clothes
  • I choose this food

Specify other things that you would like to happen:

  • My friends are congratulating me on my ideal body

4. Keep your eye on the prize!


Believe that you can have it, and you shall have it!


Rehearse your ideal state in your mind! That way you are preparing your physic and brain for a new reality!

Keep the eye on the prize! No matter what is happening, visualize your success, your ideal body, the prize you will get and believe it is already yours!

In general, every goal can become a reality. If a human being has done it before, it is possible for anybody to achieve that same thing. There are no limits!


If you know of somebody who has the shape/body that you want (I mean anybody in the world; people you know personally or saw on TV), it means that it is possible for you to have it, too! However, you have to believe it.

If you think that you are too_put the reason yourself- then your reality will confirm that. You will not achieve your goal because of the reasons you’ve listed for yourself.


5. Act as if you have already reached your goal


Fake it ’til you make it.


Act as if you already have the thing you want. With the specific weight in mind and feelings that you want to have with your ideal weight as being more confident, attractive, positive.

Start acting like that, even if you don’t feel it yet.


Think how a person with their ideal weight and confidence/happiness/attractiveness that you want walks or talks!

What would they wear?

What kind of clothes would they choose?

How would they act at work?

How would they choose their drinks or food?

How would they talk or smile?

How would they react in the specific situation?

Then, start acting like that! Impersonate your ideal self or the person that has your ideal goal!

The law of attraction doesn’t know if you are acting, remembering or daydreaming. It only responds to your emotions right now!

Therefore, act as if you have already achieved your ideal looks, and the law of attraction will provide you that.


6. The art of allowing


It is easy to get obsessed with counting your kilograms, pounds, measuring yourself every minute, checking your looks in the mirror and noticing that you don’t look as you want to, or that your ideal body is not there, etc.


As it is sometimes difficult not to act in such way, it is always useful to remember:

Everything is progress, everything is changing!


Use it for your benefit:

I am in the process of having my ideal body.

More importantly, this is the absolute truthful statement, because everything is in the process, you are in progress achieving your goals and getting your summer body.


You have done most of the work: set your goals, practiced every day, took actions through weight loss programs or diets and now it is time to allow your ideal state to happen!

If you are allowing something that means you have faith, you are confident it will materialize, and at the same time, you are relaxed about it!

It is already yours- if you have conceived it in your mind, it will materialize in your world.

If you are stressed about your goal and always think that you need it now, or question whether or not it will come true, you doubt.


The emotions you send are the ones that you will get back. You will question more and doubt more.

We achieve our goals faster if we are calm and relaxed about them because we believe and allow our wishes to come true and they do!


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